Property Management Signs

Property Management Signs

Hundreds of Property Mgmt. signs and services are available here at Signs BC. We are equipped and set up to cater to the Property Management Industry. Your signs can be delivered to your property or completely installed by our installers. And we will help you find the correct sign types required for any of your property sign projects. Some of the most common signs ordered by Property Managers are …


Full color graphics up to 4 ft wide and 10 ft long. You can also get a variety of banner holding systems from us that include upright banner stands, collapsible & portable banners, and light pole banner mounting brackets.

Braille Signs

As regulations tighten and braille becomes a mandatory part of all public area signage, call Signs BC to retrofit your existing signs with braille or build new signs that comply with braille regulatory standards.

Building Numbers and Address Signs

Building numbers and street addresses are critical for helping your patrons find their destination. We will work with you to provide distinctive and easy to read building numbers and address signs that fit your property.

Concierge and Hotel Front Desk Signs

Elegantly designed counter-top Concierge signs with metal faces over black acrylic base add that special blend of professionalism and understated quality to your building. You can choose a full color logo to be printed on metal or simply black lettering printed on stainless steel with either a brushed or chromed finish.

Dimensional Signs and Letters

Whether for your office reception area or the side of your building, dimensional signs and letters make a big impact in terms of brand visibility. We do custom letter fonts and logos so your brand looks the way it should.

Door Plates

Signs BC has a wide range of options for door and desk plates. You can get standard room designation plates such as “Boardroom” that offer a sliding vacant or occupied indicator. You can also get custom nameplates for various offices and staff.

Fire Plan Floor Signs

In addition to standard fire safety signs, we offer custom map preparation for your building or each floor of your building to help facilitate safe and orderly evacuation in the event of a fire.

For Lease V-shaped Signs and Banners

For lease V-shaped signs are usually 8 ft by 4 ft and these signs can be built horizontally or vertically. They are very effective at attracting new tenants to your vacant spaces.

Garage Gate Signs

Garage gate signage helps to boost security by reminding patrons of important protocols for entry and exit. They also serve in offering important safety reminders to prevent damage to vehicles passing through.

Garbage and Recycling Signs

Every property has a unique setup for garbage and recycling services. Keeping refuse areas clean and orderly often comes down to posting the rules for tenants to abide by. We can provide you with a complete set of signs that direct all your tenants and their refuse into the appropriate areas and bins.

Illuminated Box, Neon, and Pylon Sign Repair

Illuminated signs require special service and maintenance. Our experienced technicians can replace lamps or ballasts, change tenants listed in your signs, and offer a wide range of electrical and mechanical service to your illuminated signs.

Leasing Signs

Order a wide range of standard or custom leasing signs for your property, including post signs to advertise rental properties as they become available.

Line Painting

Parking stalls, curbs, stenciling, and complete layout design, including blacking out old lines. Consult with us for special parking lot needs as well such as adding speedbumps to slow down traffic, and making reserved parking signs and stencils.

Lobby Directories and Directory Tenant Plates

Lobby directories come in an endless variety of options to aesthetically suit your property and provide various levels of security (such as locking cabinets). And whenever you need to update the tenant plates in your directory, just give us a call.

Maximum Clearance Bars and Signs

Maximum clearance bars are critical for underground parking facilities to prevent damage to concrete structures, sprinkler systems, and other piping or ducting that high vehicles can hit.

Monument Signs

Monument signs work well for residential stratas and commercial properties. They can be built form natural stone, brick, or faux materials, and often become the most identified feature for bringing visitors to a property.

No Smoking Signs

Keep common loitering areas clear of cigarrette butts, and ensure patrons & tenants abide by city bylaws. No smoking signs can be large and cite specific bylaws or small and classy to fit your specific needs.

Notice Cabinets for Elevators or Lobbies

Notice cabinets are invaluable for posting important information, upcoming events, or special rules and regulations. We offer a wide variety of sizes and styles including locking cabinets, and illuminated cabinets.

Pet Regulations Signs

Encourage tenants and patrons to keep property areas clean by cleaning up after their pets.

Parking Passes

For visitors and tenants, custom parking passes ensure your valuable parking spaces are not being used without authorization. Parking passes can also be numbered to help identify specific tenants or parking spaces.

Parking Regulations Signs

Set your lot’s parking rules with signs for displaying parking regulations, tow-away information, reserved parking, and accessible parking.

Pool & Gym Regulations Signs

For pools, saunas, gyms, and general recreation areas. Custom signs help layout the rules of use, hours of operation, and safe use instructions.

Traffic Regulations Signs

Signs BC offers a wide variety of standard and custom traffic regulation signs to direct the flow of traffic through your property safely and efficiently.

Video Surveillance Signs

Ward off thieves and vandals with video surveillance signs and equipment.

Waiver of Liability Signs

Protect your property’s financial well being with waiver of liability signs, to warn patrons and visitors of specific risks they are undertake by use of the property and its amenities.

Warning Signs

Electrical hazards, slip hazards, and construction area hazards are the most common warning signs needed for properties. These signs are important for keeping areas safe and we can also provide you with barricades and traffic cones to divert pedestrian and vehicle traffic aaway from temporary hazards.

Way-Finding Signs

Help patrons navigate through your property, whether be in a parking garage, multi-level building or multi-building complex. Way-finding signs can point the way to specific stores, ammenities, offices, and entrances and exits. We can also create custom directories and facility maps to help your visitors find their way.