About Us

Signs BC Office

Signs BC Illuminated is a full-service custom sign manufacturing, servicing and installation company. For over ten years we have been a valuable resource for businesses in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, and to businesses all over North America. Our company offers many types of signs and services. It is our goal to provide cost-effective quality signs and service and to make sure that your signs are productive and eye-catching.

Our fabrication crews have the experience to bring your designs to life. Being a sister company to Nikls “One Call” Property Services we are backed up by expertise in various craftsmanship skills. Click on the links to the left to get an idea of some of the types of signs we are capable of producing.

Our specialty is serving Property Managers in Vancouver and The Lower Mainland. We have the experience to provide the sign solutions that Property Managers require to serve their commercial clients, quickly and effectively. When you’re not sure about what you need, give us a call. We will bring you proven solutions.

It would be our pleasure to provide you with any information or quotes for your signage needs. Contact us today to discuss your sign project.

Service & Installation

Whether you need a banner hung or the erection of a monument sign, Signs BC Illuminated can help you get the job done. Our installers will make sure the job is done right, and done on schedule.

Sign service and installation is a large part of our business. Not only do we install what we build, but we also install signs for other sign companies.

We Have the Experience

  • Building penetrations, if any, are always kept to a minimum and will be sealed properly to maintain building integrity.
  • Neon signs cannot be repaired effectively by electricians without neon experience – we have the capabilities to provide service and repair to all types of signs.
  • Our service trucks are always stocked with various types of lamps and all common sign and electrical components.

Vancouver Commercial Sign Installation

From start to finish, we bring the knowledge and resources to handle all your service and sign installation needs …

Pylon Sign Footing

Step 1

Laying the concrete footing for the sign. This includes building the sign form, running electrical power cable into the base of the sign, and pouring the concrete footing.

Pylon Sign InstallationStep 2

Installing the pylon sign on the footing with a crane. Once the custom fabricated sign frame is lifted into place, it is bolted to the footing.

Finisged Pylon Sign

Step 3

The finished sign. With all electrical and lighting components installed. The sign is ready for retail tenant logos to be installed.

Professional Maintenance and Sign Refurbishing

Sign Repair and Fixing

Vandalism Prevention

Qualified Sign Professionals

Burnt Sign Wiring

Don’t Let This Happen to You

We see a lot of sign installations, and not all of them are done correctly. Improper wiring or sign construction can be a fire hazard that could endanger your entire business. Luckily, the fire damage pictured here happened during regular business hours. The West Vancouver Fire Department was called promptly and only the sign was damaged.

Call us today and we will make sure the job is done right.