Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Sign on Truck

Your vehicle is a great place to advertise your business, and magnetic signs are a quick and easy way to put your logo and contact information on your vehicle. And with our high resolution color printing capability, your magnetic signs will definitely stand out – the same way richly coloured vinyl car-wraps do.

Custom Magnetic Signs for Your Car, Truck, or Van

Typically, magnetic signs are temporary signs. They’re perfect for when you need to occasionally move your signs from one vehicle to another, or for a quick solution until you have more permanent vehicle graphics installed.

Temporary Magnetic Signs

But that doesn’t mean they have to be simple and boring. We can cut out shapes to fit your logo and create sophisticated high-colour graphics that look professional and attract attention.

This is important because even though magnetic signs are meant to only be a temporary sign solution, they usually end up staying on your vehicle for years. So they might as well look great.

Magnetic Signs for Special Promotions

One great use for magnetic signs is to advertise temporary promotions. This might be a limited time sale or a special event. If you have special deals a few times a year that you want to advertise on your vehicles, then this is a great alternative to traditional vinyl graphics.

You can simply put the signs on your vehicles during the promotion and then take them off and save them until next time.

Magnetic Signs for Temporary Vehicle

Magnetic signs are work well on rental or short-term leased trucks and vans, where more permanent graphics would be costly to remove.

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