Parking Passes

For visitors and tenants, custom parking passes ensure your valuable parking spaces are not being used without authorization. Parking passes can also be numbered to help identify specific tenants or parking spaces. We offer both Lamacoid hang tags and static cling windshield parking passes.

Lamacoid Hang Tags

Designing Your Parking Passes

 Step One: Choose Your Size

 Step Two: Choose The Shape

 Step Three: Choose The Color

 Step Four: Single or Double Sided (add another 40% for double sided passes) 

 Step Five: Update your passes with annual stickers as needed, any color or shape available.

Static Cling Windshield Parking Passes

Static cling decals can be any size, shape and color you need. They cling onto smooth surface and can be removed, re-positioned and re-applied easily. Static cling decals do not have adhesives, there is no residue left after removal and able to last for years.

If you couldn’t find what you need, please feel free to contact us for a custom design.